The Best in Kids' Christian Videos

Family Movie Night just got a lot easier!

Add the JellyTelly channel on Roku, and you'll get instant access to over 100 hours of Christian videos in an ad-free environment with trusted shows for kids like Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible?, Theo, Parables, The Pond, and more. Join for only $5 a month and your first month is free with coupon code ROKUNEW.

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Now Available on Roku!

1. On your computer, click this link to add JellyTelly to your Roku account.

2. When prompted, login to your Roku account using your ROKU username and password.

3. Click "Yes, Add Channel"

4. On your Roku / TV, go to "Settings." From the list of settings, choose "System Update." Press OK on the "Check Now" button.

Start enjoying JellyTelly from the comfort of your couch!

How to add JellyTelly to your Roku

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